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This is one of those films that starts as one thing and then morphs into something completely different.  As the layers of the onion are stripped away one by one, you end up somewhere that you had no idea you were heading for when you started out.  I think of Robert Rodriguez’s From Dusk till Dawn (screenplay by Quentin Tarantino), which starts out with sociopath outlaws kidnapping a family and ends up, quite jarringly, as a vampire film.  Likewise, God Told Me To starts as a police procedural with a cop investigating some seemingly random killings, and then it ends up (warning: spoiler) as a cosmic good vs. evil battle pitting half-breed human/space aliens against each other. The whole affair stays deliciously edgy with virgin births and messianic super-beings.  It’s a wild ride, and when it’s over, you’ll find yourself reeling with thoughts of “what did I just see?”

Larry Cohen (1936-2019), who wrote this screenplay and directed, was a B-movie auteur and one of the great guilty pleasures amongst lesser known directors.  His films It’s Alive (1974) and It Lives Again (1978) were VHS staples of the Blockbuster Video horror section back in the day.